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The hiatus is on…almost.

Yayayaaya Johnny’s moving to Taranna to do some schooling so we are gonna leave you for a bit. But we got 5 songs in the vault that are BANGIN! So when we got a break this year we’ll record those suckers. In the meantime, ya’ll winnipeggers should come down to the lo pub July 19 to kick it with us.

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Live from my Parent’s Basement

YUP! Download some new shit from your favorite Winnipeg douchebags. Here’s a blurb for all you blurby fucks.

Some say the most interesting versions of cover songs tend to be from artists of completely different genre taking one person’s idea and shining it in a different light. Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails, Cee-Lo Green doing Radiohead or classical interpretations of Metallica done by Apocalytica.

Since Rebel Yell don’t quite yet have the international music scene clout to warrant awesome covers such as these, they figured they’d just go ahead and do it themselves. In a completely schizophrenic manner, the Canadian hip hop group took 5 songs from their latest full-length Social Studies and reworked them as blazing blasts of hardcore thrash, bringing to mind such gritty sounds as Minor Threat, Descendents, or the hardcore songs that the Beastie Boys delved into.

Clocking in at just over twelve minutes, Live from my Parent’s Basement is Rebel Yell having a blast in the studio, doing a spectacular job of stepping outside of their own shoes and putting their tunes in a whole new light.

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Nature brings the cold…..we bring the HEAT!

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Summer burns on!

Yes! Its sunny and the land is hot! Rebel Yell is in full weekend warrior mode and isn’t stopping the party train until snow hits the ground. We got two more summer shows remaining. The first is Aug 6th at our blessed birthplace and stomping ground – Clear lake, Manitoba. Its gonna be a great show with our buddies Cheering for the Bad Guy and our old friends with a new band – Byrne Fiddler!
We’ll playing in a giant horse riding arena at the Elkhorn Resort in Clear Lake. Check out the FB event page here for more info.
If I were you and you were me. I would not miss this.

Our Last show of the summer will be Thurs Sept 1 on the MS River Rouge. More details for that to follow.

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Summertime Shows!

Yes! The sun shines, the chairs recline, Dustin has a corona and Lime while I enjoy a bottle of red wine. Summer has become us, and we got a slew of fun shows happening. So hop on yer bike or plan a road trip to come see us at one of them.

1.) KC Memorial Skate Plaza Opening w/ Seeing Colour, Take With Audio - Saturday, June 18th in Brandon, MB 
Official opening of the new skate park in Brandon. We are gonna play a free show during the day, while a bunch of pro skaters from the RDS team christen the new park.
Afterwards, the party is at the Doubledecker, where we’ll play a mindmelting party set till the wee hours of the morn’.
The Rebel Yell lineup for this show will consist of Paul Lindell of The Hearsemen on the bass and Andrew Dickens of Electro Quarterstaff on lead guitar. From the few rehearsals we’ve had, things are sounding pretty fantastically spankin awesome. Gringo’s in the laboratory cookin up some new shirt designs for sale at this show, I’ll post a pic soon enough.
All the info you need for this event is right here.

2.) International Wakeboarding Competition Weekend w/ Swollen Members & The Lytics - Satruday, July 9th @ Adrenaline Adventures 600 Caron Rd. in Headingly, MB
Wakeboarding insanity! Adrenaline Adventures opens up this summer as WPG’s first cable wakeboard park. This whole weekend will be a shit show cowabunga type moves on wakeboards. We’ll be starting the music up at 9pm on the Saturday, then be followed by The Lytics, and Swollen Members. This should be interesting to say the least! Tickets for the show can be purchased here and all the info you need for this crazy weekend is right here.

3.) River Rouge Booze Cruise –  Thursday, September 1st in Winnipeg, MB
Rebel Yell will be rippin a full-blown party set all night aboard the MS River Rouge. I’ll post more info here as it becomes available. Until then, look here for details.

And no don’t worry Clear Lake, we didn’t forget about you.. We’re brewing something up for this summer.. Stay tuned for details.

- Vogan

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Natural Disasters Ain’t So Natural No More!

Natural disasters ain’t so natural no more!  No we’re not talking about Haarp weather control or whatever couch-investigative reality tv show Jesse Ventura might be flappin his cheeks about. I’m talking about problems in the world that are perceived as beyond our control, beyond our scope of understanding, and there’s nothing we can do about it. BUT! In reality these aren’t isolated incidents, there’s a path of self-serving decisions that brought the situation to where it is today. Avian Bird flu, mad cow disease, oh that didn’t just drop from the sky!!! People feeding and caring for the animals started cutting corners and not following the rules, cause guess what? nobody was there to regulate the shit! The global recession of 2008-2009 where 1000s of people lost their jobs?? Not just some freak blip in capitalism…nuh uh!!! Massive de-regulation in the financial industry allowed wall street haircuts to get rich by allowing a ton of people to invest in shakey securities backed by bad mortgages… Then when everyone defaulted on their mortgages, the world imploded! The increased frequency of earthquakes destroying the lives of people around the world? Is it possible that the melting polar ice caps are shifting the weight distribution of the sea-level? Putting more pressure on fault lines and undersea volcanoes? This isn’t completely proven but its pretty plausible, but i better stop cause i’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of not drinking booze. I definitely enjoy the social lubrication that a few drinks can bring about with friends. But for the people who can’t handle the booze so much, alcoholics anonymous is a place to turn. And recently I heard a pretty insightful quote that some of those non-boozing folks like to live by. something like:

Gawd Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference

Replace the Gawd part with whatever you really believe in and thats a pretty fantastic way to live. Now if the world could live a little more by this philosophy and not accept the “natural disasters” that plague the world as things beyond human control, we might find ourselves with a more balanced planet.

So don’t take this as some paranoid filled blog post by someone who can’t leave their basement. I’m just talking about the meaning of a song.. A Rebel Yell song… from our new disc….We made a video for it with our long-time buddy Trevor Gill. So here it is. Take it in and absorb that shit. If you dig it, goto and download the album Social Studies for $5.

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There it is. The big kahoona. Expect more downloads from Social Studies in the next few days

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Release Party

Holy Shit things are really happening around here. Social Studies is coming to life. We got a sweet little release party planned here in Winnipeg on April 1st at the Pyramid. Here’s the link for the facebook event for more details. We’ll be releasing a video for the song Kill Em All (which is available on our bandcamp site for download) that night as well. Be on the lookout for a trailer for the vid soon enough!


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Social Studies!!!

Big News! Big News! Here for your downloading pleasure, the lead single “Kill em All” of the new record “Social Studies”… Download that shit and blast it!! More downloads to come in the next few weeks!!

Cover for “Social Studies” by Marcela Quesada

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Wesley Pipes

I bet you never thought you’d see a soldier at your front door or a tank on your front street. But as Canada grows its dirty money oil sands industry the likelihood greatly increases. Looks like we now have something that the US wants. As they look to reduce their dependence on Middle East imports they are shifting their focus North. This is the start of a long drawn out disaster. A stab in the heart to clean energy I’d say, why stay dependant on such a blood sucking resource? Gotta shift our mentality towards cleaner and  more sustainable energy which will help keep the troops out of our country and out of the countries that they are currently working to destroy.
 - ”The Tourist” Karsin

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